Writer Robin Ackroyd travels on horseback in the Mongolian heartlands, lives among nomadic herders, and examines some of the mysteries still surrounding Temüjin – the future world conqueror Genghis, or Chinggis, Khan
Who was the boy who grew up, according to the Secret History of the Mongols, ‘with fire in his eyes, with light in his face’?
How far has Mongolia retained the traditions, and taboos, detailed by those pioneering European travellers Marco Polo, and William of Rubruck?
And, centrally, where is the tomb of Genghis Khan - and his imperial family?
It is a mystery that has prevailed since the world conqueror’s death in August 1227
But in this, the first comprehensive modern analysis of the circumstances of Genghis Khan’s death and burial, we come closer than ever before to finding the truth.
An incisive new account of key events in the life of Genghis Khan, and in early Mongolian history
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