Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure has been greatly received by the Mongolian media and specialist sites. It is so far only available in English, and may appear in other languages in future.   
The Mongolian website Arslan – Lion – carried a lengthy feature on the book’s main findings:
The newspaper Gan zam (Ган зам) devoted a full page to Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure in its 15 September 2015 edition
Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure has also featured on other well-known websites in Mongolia, including 
Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure is featured by the Mongolian newspaper site Ünen – Truth.
September 25 2015 article:  ‘He mapped the location of the tomb of Genghis Khan … Riding 700km by horse … he lived among the nomads of the Mongolian steppe …’   Чингисийн тухай шинэ ном олны хүртээ болно
Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure, highlighted on the Mongolian News site '24 hours'  (  
From the specialist website, Mongols China and the Silk Road, October 2015:  
Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure
Press Gazette, the UK's journalism magazine, carried a report on the book's central findings on 29 January 2016 
The Turkish website,   featured the story under the headline: "Genghis Khan News" on  5 February  2016 
Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure made headlines in the Turkish website  Londra Gazette  on 11 February  2016
The book's findings were widely reported in Kazakhstan and Russia
An extensive report appeared on these Mongolian news pages, in Russian:

Coverage extended to prominent websites in Mongolia:

In the UK, the story featured on the Asian Affairs journal weblog (24 February 2016) 

And it received prominent coverage from the International Business Times (8 April 2016) 

And UB Life, the magazine of Ulaanbaatar published a feature on Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure (November 2016)